“ Wonder Woofers was created out of our love for dogs and knowing the feeling of dread that comes with leaving your dog when going on holiday. We understand how important it is to find a place where you can feel assured that your dog will not only be exceptionally well cared for but also that they will have a fabulous time! ”

Meg & Tucker

Peace of mind for your family and a piece of heaven for your dog.

Puppies and Breeding



Here at Wonder Woofers we offer several training packages that you may want to include in your dog’s holiday itinerary during their stay with us. Or if one to one lessons with your dog is what you prefer then we have the perfect solution whatever your requirements. Whether your unruly teen needs a little help with his obedience, you’re a seasoned shooter looking for tips to polish up your recall or agility is the name of the game; Tucker and Meg are at hand to help with all things big or small!
General Obedience Training

These sessions focus on general obedience and vital good manners. From teaching them not to jump up, sit/stay, fetch etc. We are able to work on whatever you feel will benefit you and your dog. 

Boarders: £10 per 30 minute session
Non Boarders: £15 per session
Recommendation: 2/3 days

Gun Dog Training

Whether your dog is just starting out learning the basics or you are a seasoned shooter looking to polish up or find advice, these classes are a must for any shooting enthusiast.

Boarders: £10 per 30-45 minute session
Non Boarders: £15 per session
Recommendation: 2/3 boarding days

Stock Training

These one to one sessions are in a safe and secure environment where your dog will be introduced and trained how to behave around live stock and other animals that share the countryside. Highly recommended to keen walkers and their four legged companions

Boarders: £20 per session
Non Boarders £30 per session.
Recommendation: 2/3 day visits

Agility Addicts

If agility is the name of the game, we offer a fun relaxed introduction in our agility pen. This is a great way of having some fun with your dog and focusing their energy on something fun and exciting!

Boarders: £10 per session
Non Boarders £15 per session.